Welcome to Four Paws Inn!

759 Route 9W
Glenmont, NY 12077



Why do you have limited hours?

We are open 7:30 to 10 am and 3:30 to 5:30 pm for drop off and pick up. Our four legged friends need play time and down time without the distraction of other dogs coming and going.
This time is spent strictly with the dogs. It is less stressful for them which means a more enjoyable stay.

Can I bring a blanket or bed for my dog?

You may bring a blanket from home. The smell of something familiar can be comforting. Please be aware that we will wash it if it gets soiled.
We do ask that you not bring large stuffed beds as it’s difficult to keep them clean and
there’s not always enough room for a large bed.

All of our boarders receive a raised bed and a blanket unless they shred or destroy them. We also have a selection of toys for play time.

If you choose to bring a blanket/bed and /or toys for your dog understand that
we cannot be responsible for any blankets or toys that are brought in.
We will do our best to keep track of them.

If you choose to leave your dogs leash and collar with us- we will do our best to keep track of it. However we are not responsible if they are lost.
We do encourage you to take the leash and collar with you.

Should I bring my dogs bowls?

We provide bowls for your dog and ask that you not bring your own.
It is much too difficult to keep track of individual bowls.

Can I bring my dog’s food?

Effective 1/1/13 we are asking pet owners to bring their own food.
There will be no charge for us to feed your food.
It is our belief that this will be more beneficial for your pet.
This will help make their stay less stressful.
We do ask that you prepackage it and only bring enough to last for their stay. We do not have the ability to store large bags of food. 
We will charge for food if you wish to use our food.