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Recorder Folksong Series

Series edited by Johannes Koulman
This series showcases many of the most popular and best folksongs of Western music.


RFS-1 Four Folksongs - In ‘t Groene Dal, Daar Dreigen de Donkers Wolken, The Ash Grove & Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes. For SA recorders. $1.75
RFS-2 A Londonderry Air for ATTB recorders. $4.00
RFS-3 Red Diver Valley for SATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-4 Ah! Vous dirai-je, Maman? for SATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-5 Annie Laurie for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-6 Cockles & Mussels for AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-7 Carry Me Back To Old Virginny for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-8 Santa Lucia for SATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-9 Kentucky Babe (A. Geibel) for SATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-10 Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair (S. Foster) SATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-11 Loch Lomond for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
FS-12 My Old Kentucky Home (S. Foster) for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-13 Old Folks At Home (S. Foster) AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-14 Sweet & Low (J, Barnby) S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-15 I’ll Take You Home Again Kathleen (T. Westendorf) S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-16 Two German Folksongs – An den Mond & Der Sehnsucht Treue for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-17 Grandfather’s Clock (H. C. Work) S/AATB recorders and optional percussion. $1.75
RFS-18 Deep River for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-19 The Band Played On (C.B. Ward) for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-20 Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-21 Home on the Range for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-22 Careless Love for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-23 Long, Long Ago for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-24 Rose of Tralee for S/AATB recorders. $1.75
RFS-25 Come Back to Erin (C. Bernard) for S/AATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-26 Gott Lebet Noch (J.F. Zihn) for SATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-27 The Ash Grove for SATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-28 Jaunita for SATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-29 Den Store Hvite Flokk for S/AATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-30 Du Alter Stephanstrum for S/AATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-31 Jacob Drink S/AATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-32 Rin Rin Chin [Riu Riu Chiu] (J.A. Loux) for SATB recorders. $2.00
RFS-33 The Whiffenpoof Song for SATB recorders, Score & parts. $5.00
RFS-34 22 Bicinia on German Folksongs (H. Neuberger) for SA recorders, crumhorns, viols, five-hole ocarinas, psalteries, etc. $5.00
In Prep. RFS 35 Trans-Atlantic Folksongs (H. Neuberger) for SATB recorders or crumhorns. In Preparation
RFS-36 Dorian Weave: Two American Folksongs (C. Byther) SAT recorders. $2.00
In Prep. RFS-37 In preparation
In Prep. RFS-38 In preparation
In Prep. RFS-39 In preparation
RFS-40 After The Ball (C.K. Harris) for SAA/TTB with opt. Sopranino, score & parts. $5.95
RFS-41 In My Merry Oldsmobile (D.A. Hempel) for SATBGb recorders, score & parts. $5.95
In Prep. RFS-42 In Preparation