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Recorder Studies

Series edited by Jef Raskin, Stephan Chandler, Gwylim Beechey, Glen Shannon & Benjamin Thorn.
This series showcases music that is written specifically for recorder solo and recorder groups/consorts; varied and enjoyable pieces
which at the same time assist in building solo and ensemble performance technique.
The pieces are appropriate for concert or encore presentation.


RS-1 Recorder Studies 1 (J. Raskin) Helsinki March (ATBB); Cinema (ATTB); The Old Pewter Mug (ATTB); Arctic Circle (Sopranino/AATB) Score and Parts $ 11.95
RS-2 Recorder Studies 2 (J. Raskin) Estampie (SATB); Cloudberries (SSTT); De Gustibus (TTBGb) ScP. $8.95
RS-3 Recorder Studies 3 (J. Raskin) Gypsy Hill Rag (ATBB); Contemplation (TTBB); Switching Fugue [ la J.S. Bach] in which all four players play SATB recorders in rotation. ScP. $11.75
RS-4 Recorder Studies 4 (S. Chandler) Acrobats (SAATB); Sunlight and Shadow (SAATB); Pelham Sidecar (SAATB). ScP. $13.95
RS-5 Recorder Studies 5 (S. Chandler) Desert Sundown (SAATB); Rondo for Shanti (SAATB); Fugue for the Birthday of Louise (SAATB). ScP. $13.95
RS-6 Recorder Studies 6 (T. Morley) 5 Duets for C & F recorders from A Plaine & Easie Introdvction to Practicall Musike...1597 edited and aranged by Gwilym Beechey. Two performance Scores. $12.00
  RS-7 Recorder Studies 7 (G.Shannon) Serenity Now (TTB); Cauldron Bubble (ATB); Triple Fipple Ripple (AAA); Clicky Bass BACH Canon (BBB). ScP $15.00
In Prep. RS-8 Recorder Studies 8 (G. Shannon) for C recorders
In Prep. RS-9 Recorder Studies 9 (G. Shannon) for F recorders
  RS-10 Recorder Studies 10 (B. Thorn) Extended recorder technique for one recorder player. Awake with the Birds (A); ...and there were multitudes (A); Chirp Tricks (A); Fluttering by (A & voice-one player); An Exaltation of Voices (A & voice - one player); One after Another (S & A recorders - one player); Two in the Hand (S & A recorders - one player); Awake with the Birds 2 (A,AA,AAA). Glossary included. Performance score $ 10.00